Friday, March 20, 2015

Using Data Recovery Software

The decision to use data recovery software versus the professional service of a data recovery company is one that should be weighed carefully. In extremely simple cases, the usage of data recovery software can be valuable. However, the use of recovery software often results in further damage to your hard-drive and permanent data loss. The software should only be used in extremely simple data recovery cases. Most of the unrecoverable data problems that are sent to data recovery companies are the result of data recovery software or other utilities that have damaged the drive after a crash or malfunction.

Data recovery professionals charge fees that are much higher than data recovery software, but the service is also much more effective. Data recovery service versus recovery software contains a very similar quality to cost ratio. More info visit

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Royalty-Free Stock Photography Images

Stock photos are existing images that can be purchased and licensed for commercial or personal use.

How Much Do Stock Photos Cost?

The prices of stock photos vary. Some micro-stock photography websites charge as little as $0.99 per photo, while other stock photo websites charge several hundreds of dollars for the use of a particular photograph.

What Is Micro-Stock Photography?
Micro-Stock Photography is an offshoot of traditional stock photography. Stock photos are often available on CD-ROMs containing hundreds of free stock images, at prices ranging from $30 to $300 per disc.

Can I Use Stock Photos Free Of Charge?
Many of the free photo websites contain collaborative works from multiple photographers and artists.

My Free Stock Images Provider

Free Stock Images is a part of is a marketplace that allows users to offer, sell and buy digital items ( photos, graphics, video, and audio) a variety of pricing formats and locations. The actual contract for sale is directly between the sellers and buyers.

New content is continually added to the archive, so there is always something new!
All graphics and files provided on come with the right to use them in all types of projects. There are absolutely no additional fees beyond the price which you pay in our market.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Natural Weight Loss - 3 Diet Myths Revealed

Venus Factor
Unfortunately, natural weight loss is not an easy task. There are so many myths around losing weight that lead to diet fads that don't actually help you lose weight at all.

Weight Loss Myth #1: In order to lose the weight, you have to seriously cut out all calories in your diet plan. It will raise your metabolism and you will lose weight faster. The way you really burn fat is through changing your body composition.

Weight Loss Myth #2: Fat is bad for you so that you should stick to a fat-free diet.
Weight Loss Myth #3: Milk and dairy products help a person lose weight. In order to get a handle on healthy ways to lose weight and get started with your own Natural Weight Loss Program, download your very own free copy of "An Experts Guide to Weight Loss - 7 Red Hot Secrets to Turbo Charge Your Metabolism and Boost Your Weight Loss" by clicking the link below.

The Venus Factor Review
The Venus factor is a healthy customized women's 12 week program of 3 phases at 4 weeks each. This hormone is called Leptin which controls your body to burn 100% fat.

The Venus Factor programs main principle called the Venus index. The Venus index is calculated by using your waist, height and hip measurements for your body. One unique thing about this program is that obviously over weight people will need to lose weight, but if you too skinny The Venus Factor tells you if you need to gain weight. The Venus Factors is unique by stimulating Leptin which is a natural fat burning hormone in your body. The wrong exercises are detrimental to burning fat and may gain weight in many instances.When you join The Venus Factor you are never alone!

The Venus Factor is a natural technological break through by John Barban world class in fitness and exercise

The Venus Factor is truly the start of a new fun and energetic lifestyle with modest exercise techniques. Your body's metabolism will utilize and burn fat for energy. The Venus Factor is all natural so that you can achieve long lasting goals. With the community support it will truly become a lifestyle.

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Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Venus Factor Program

The Venus factor is a weight loss program that is designed for women. If your Venus index is higher than normal, you are supposed to lose weight; however, if the index is low, you should plan on gaining weight.
Other than guiding you on how to determine your Venus index, the program also has the following: body centric eating guide, workout manual and schedule, and community membership.

The body centric eating guide shows you the foods that you should eat to achieve your ideal shape and weight. Leptin is a hormone that aids in increasing the rate of metabolism; therefore, when the levels of leptin are high, the rate of metabolism is high thus you lose weight fast. Venus factor exercises are aimed at regulating body fat, and toning and sculpting body muscles. The Venus factor goes for only $47.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

‪Life Coaching Certification Free Training‬ with Mary Morrissey

First thing about ‪Life Coaching Certification Free Training‬ with Mary Morrissey is, you need to be found by those you never met when they need you. For a life coach must have a high intuitive nature, he might have the answers all the time. Which time you can only validate and listen. In some cases with egos like these, in rare cases, a life coach must take on the role of the scolding parent. Shame, blame, and guilt is something that should be far removed from a life coach. Forgiveness as long as change is present is key. A life coach should never just be some cheerleader or motivational speaker, he must be like a parent to the person.

The trick is to assess what age level of parenting does the person need, peer to peer parenting or parent to a loved four year old. The subjective matter should always be, at least a life coach should try, only on a positive connection to life and supportive. A key importance for the life coach to know is that it is never about them. Lots of time the ego is stuck in its victim role, this is a good time just to listen until you hear the patterns repeat themselves. You as a life coach must give them hope their is something better than just plain old good. A Life coach shall see with his own eyes, show the person the affliction, give them hope, and show the way. But a life coach should never walk it for them. A life coach has to identify the different moods and know who is talking at what time. To access certain personality types, either shadow, spirit, or ego, one must know how to address them when the other is present. Goofiness works wonders. The changes in the eyes can be an indicator when the personality has changed. Nothing said during the time of the shadows ascent will usually never be remembered. The ego is the base line, this is what a life coach has to aspire to show the way for change. A life coach needs to educate the ego to know the importance of the fourth chakra. The ego needs justification, reassurance, joy, and comfort. The life coach, shadow, or angel are only guides and teachers. A life coach can only be the way, not the answer.

a life coach needs to know a full breadth of resources. a Life coach needs to synchronize world religions, divination, mythology, politics, sociology, history, current affairs, human behavior, art, world literature, movies, occult, game theory, and science to appreciate as above as below.

A life coach must be a renaissance person. A life coach must always be seen equal to the person, never on a pedestal or in the cellar. a life coach shall be one of the worlds greatest researchers. Classes and lectures are fine but should be chosen by the life coach. But a life coach should never limit his means of learning or study, breadth or field.

But how should a life coach stop the cycle of enabling the ego to stay in the act of victim. Just for the moment of glory, but instant gratification only returns instant failure. On a circle, white and black are indistinguishable. When we travel to gray, if white and black are on top then gray must be on the bottom equidistant from them, is separated away from the top by an equal pull from white and black if prone and gravity if hanging. A life coach must be in gray as his center. A life coach must know how to teach this.

First a life coach must assess the learning style of the person. Then the life coach must teach the person how to learn with the knowledge that there is more to learn afterwards. A life coach teaches the person to access their own hero to free that child to let its spirit to soar and grow. Toys, woods, games, goofiness, tickling works at any age. The shadow is the one who saved the ego and takes the punishment, it has a use to the ego. It will tend to admit to the shadows existence before it admits to the inner child. A life coach should always be send cues to the child. A life coach must just get the child to trust itself.

A life coach must be like this Sufi story,
A life coach in time must know the story before it is told.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Las Vegas Housing Market

The housing market's bursting bubble has had a dramatic and rippling effect on our economy. That effect has been felt particularly hard in the Las Vegas valley. According to Standard & Poor's report on May 31st, Las Vegas-area home prices fell yet again in March. According to S&P's reports, Las Vegas-area homes are now at May 1999 levels.

One thing is for sure, a neighbor abandoning their home and leaving garbage on their yard can't be good for my home value. Has the market finally bottomed out? Will the market start to stabilize soon? Among all the depressing economic statistics there are some signs of economic recovery in Las Vegas. For example, Chapter 11 and Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy filings are down 11 percent from January 2010 to January 2011. You would figure new residents and less chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney las vegas would be good for the housing market. Not everyone agrees with Blitzer's assessment, during a recent webcast market analyst Scott Sambucci said, "Plan for prices over the long term to hit a bottom, rise a bit, sink back down, rise again-a pattern we expect with the housing market for several years...the housing recovery will take a long time and it is going to happen slowly."

Sambucci's take is certainly less depressing than Blitzer's. Personally, I'll take Sambucci's assessment over Blitzer's.