Thursday, June 12, 2014

‪Life Coaching Certification Free Training‬ with Mary Morrissey

First thing about ‪Life Coaching Certification Free Training‬ with Mary Morrissey is, you need to be found by those you never met when they need you. For a life coach must have a high intuitive nature, he might have the answers all the time. Which time you can only validate and listen. In some cases with egos like these, in rare cases, a life coach must take on the role of the scolding parent. Shame, blame, and guilt is something that should be far removed from a life coach. Forgiveness as long as change is present is key. A life coach should never just be some cheerleader or motivational speaker, he must be like a parent to the person.

The trick is to assess what age level of parenting does the person need, peer to peer parenting or parent to a loved four year old. The subjective matter should always be, at least a life coach should try, only on a positive connection to life and supportive. A key importance for the life coach to know is that it is never about them. Lots of time the ego is stuck in its victim role, this is a good time just to listen until you hear the patterns repeat themselves. You as a life coach must give them hope their is something better than just plain old good. A Life coach shall see with his own eyes, show the person the affliction, give them hope, and show the way. But a life coach should never walk it for them. A life coach has to identify the different moods and know who is talking at what time. To access certain personality types, either shadow, spirit, or ego, one must know how to address them when the other is present. Goofiness works wonders. The changes in the eyes can be an indicator when the personality has changed. Nothing said during the time of the shadows ascent will usually never be remembered. The ego is the base line, this is what a life coach has to aspire to show the way for change. A life coach needs to educate the ego to know the importance of the fourth chakra. The ego needs justification, reassurance, joy, and comfort. The life coach, shadow, or angel are only guides and teachers. A life coach can only be the way, not the answer.

a life coach needs to know a full breadth of resources. a Life coach needs to synchronize world religions, divination, mythology, politics, sociology, history, current affairs, human behavior, art, world literature, movies, occult, game theory, and science to appreciate as above as below.

A life coach must be a renaissance person. A life coach must always be seen equal to the person, never on a pedestal or in the cellar. a life coach shall be one of the worlds greatest researchers. Classes and lectures are fine but should be chosen by the life coach. But a life coach should never limit his means of learning or study, breadth or field.

But how should a life coach stop the cycle of enabling the ego to stay in the act of victim. Just for the moment of glory, but instant gratification only returns instant failure. On a circle, white and black are indistinguishable. When we travel to gray, if white and black are on top then gray must be on the bottom equidistant from them, is separated away from the top by an equal pull from white and black if prone and gravity if hanging. A life coach must be in gray as his center. A life coach must know how to teach this.

First a life coach must assess the learning style of the person. Then the life coach must teach the person how to learn with the knowledge that there is more to learn afterwards. A life coach teaches the person to access their own hero to free that child to let its spirit to soar and grow. Toys, woods, games, goofiness, tickling works at any age. The shadow is the one who saved the ego and takes the punishment, it has a use to the ego. It will tend to admit to the shadows existence before it admits to the inner child. A life coach should always be send cues to the child. A life coach must just get the child to trust itself.

A life coach must be like this Sufi story,
A life coach in time must know the story before it is told.

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